Well, lets see.

First Server’s Graphics card dies, so in goes my desktop’s 9400GT so it will boot up (though its still having boot-up problems for some reason :@).

However I have an early Christmas Present: ATI Radeon HD 6870. Great card, now just to update my CPU (graphics and RAM being held back due to my poor C2D).

Oh well, in the future 😀

Hardware Updates.

Finally got my desktop computer back upto 4gigs of RAM. Stupid Motherboard wanting
4 Single-Sided modules to do so.

Finally replaced my faulty gigabit switch with a new one (LinkSys SLM2008). The old SD2008
kept powering off when under load (and sometimes when not under load). Nice to be back on
Gigabit, 100Megabit is just too slow……….

Now I’m just waiting for my Wireless Router to be fixed (keeps locking up), then it is getting sold
so I can update to one that does 5.0ghz band aswell as 2.4.

Some more updates.

Got a couple of new toys.

Standalone Blu-Ray player which will save me money since its much cheaper to run
then my PS3 when I want to watch Blu-Rays. (I do miss my Bluetooth remote but 🙁 )

Also got myself my first X-Box 360 (Slim). I now have all three current generation consoles.
Now to build up my X-Box Game Collection.

I’ve finally got around to reworking my computer setup. Put a new motherboard in my server.
Now with 8GB of RAM and Raid 0 array, start-up and shut-down times have been cut massively.

Start-up time (internet access/full): ~1m 45s / ~7m 50s | Old: ~3m / ~45m+
Shutdown: ~1m 50s down from ~7m 30s

Unfortunately my desktop computer as a result has been dropped to 2GB of RAM 🙁
(until I have the money to add more)