Some more updates.

Got a couple of new toys.

Standalone Blu-Ray player which will save me money since its much cheaper to run
then my PS3 when I want to watch Blu-Rays. (I do miss my Bluetooth remote but 🙁 )

Also got myself my first X-Box 360 (Slim). I now have all three current generation consoles.
Now to build up my X-Box Game Collection.

I’ve finally got around to reworking my computer setup. Put a new motherboard in my server.
Now with 8GB of RAM and Raid 0 array, start-up and shut-down times have been cut massively.

Start-up time (internet access/full): ~1m 45s / ~7m 50s | Old: ~3m / ~45m+
Shutdown: ~1m 50s down from ~7m 30s

Unfortunately my desktop computer as a result has been dropped to 2GB of RAM 🙁
(until I have the money to add more)