Credit Cards 2

Can’t stop the overdraft on a CC.

A ‘feature’ that Visa (or MC) offer in-case you don’t have enough credit to cover your interest. Screw them. Interest should be the only thing that can do that. Hell normal bank fees can drop you account under $0, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for the credit provider to only allow interest to be charged regardless of how much credit you have.

A least I got my other bill delayed.

Credit Cards.

Credit cards + overdraw feature == bad!.

I got my server payment delayed (so I thought) however instead of just the transaction failing, no the payment goes through. Lucky my bank doesn’t charge me any fees if I balance the account back quickly (most unfortunately do), but it now leaves me with having to get extensions to bills almost due.

And hopefully getting the overdraw feature disabled if possible.

So, if you have a CC or thinking of getting one, make sure you have no overdraft feature!